Learner Intelligence
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Dear colleague,

At Health Education England, we are taking part in a global study to understand how staff working in health and care are learning and what they need to do their job.

With technology developing so fast, it's important that we continue to make learning accessible to everyone in health and care, when you need it and in a way that works for you.

Confidentiality - your views are being gathered confidentially on our behalf by research company Towards Maturity. You don't have to provide your contact details unless you'd like to be contacted directly about your comments. The questions should take around 15 minutes to complete. When you're finished, you'll be taken to a page where you can ask questions or leave further feedback.

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We would like to find out a little about you and your job before we start.
Which region do you work in?

Which of these areas of health and care do you work in?

What is your level of responsibility?

How would you describe the organisation you work for?


3. About your work...
Yes No
Do you manage any people?
Do you regularly work remotely? (e.g. from home)
How many employees do you manage?
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Tell us more about how you like to learn the things you need to know...
4. Which of the following topics are you most interested in learning about?

Client relationship / service
Leadership and management
General IT and web user skills
Team working / working with others
Communication / interpersonal skills
Mandatory courses (compliance, health and safety)
Sales and marketing
Continuing Professional Development
IT professional skills
Problem solving
Project management
Internal systems and processes
Company specific training
Technical/profession-specific skills
Professional qualifications
Basic skills (e.g. literacy, numeracy)
Foreign languages
Consulting skills
Data analytics
Career development


5. When learning what you need to do your job, how useful do you find the following?

Online resources
Essential Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Haven't tried it yet
Internal NHS documents
Job aids / checklists
Online performance support tools
External blogs and news feeds
Video clips/podcasts
Games and simulations
Google or other search engines
e-Books/articles (e.g. on Kindle)

People as resources
Essential Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Haven't tried it yet
Support from my mentor/coach
Support from my people manager
Internal networks and communities / peers
Working in collaboration with other team members
Professional networks and communities outside of the company

External resources
Essential Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Haven't tried it yet
Taking part in publicly available online courses (e.g. edX, LinkedIn Learning, FutureLearn)
Self-paced e-learning courses (e.g. e-Learning for Healthcare)
Formal education courses (e.g. University-based)
Live online learning (e.g. virtual classroom, webinar)
Classroom courses
Essential Very useful Somewhat useful Not very useful Haven't tried it yet
Being able to access any of the above from my mobile device

6. What technology do you use to access resources to help you do your job? 
Often Sometimes Never I don't have one
My work computer
My work mobile phone
My work tablet device
My personal computer
My personal mobile phone
My personal tablet device
Do you use your OWN personal smartphone or tablet device to access knowledge and information that will help you do your job better? 
Yes I do
No, because I don’t know what resources are available to me
No, because I prefer to keep my work and personal life separate
No, because I don’t want to pay any extra fees or use my monthly data allowance for work
No, but I would be happy to do so if the right information was available through my mobile device
No, because my company does not permit me to use my own device for work
7. When do you access work-related resources to help you do your job better? (Choose all that apply)

On the way to/from work
When travelling for work
At my desk
During breaks/lunch
Evenings and weekends
At the point when I need them the most
Whenever I’m alerted to updated information
I don't have access to work-related learning resources

8. Do you use any of the following types of Apps for work? (Choose all that apply)
Business news and information
Pod- or videocasts
Productivity tools (e.g. time management, organisers)
Education and training
General news and information
Social networking
Books or magazines
I don’t download apps onto my business device
I don’t download apps onto my personal device

What apps or other forms of mobile content do you find useful to help you to improve your skills and knowledge in your line of work?
9. Are you using technology to share your knowledge? (e.g. contributing to webinars, discussion rooms, blogs, Social Media etc.)

Yes, I do this regularly
Yes, but I need help to get started
Maybe if I had the opportunity
No, I would feel uncomfortable
No, I don’t have time
Can you share a bit about how you do this?

10. How do you use social media with regards to courses or training/learning?
Often Sometimes Occasionally Never
I use social media to find out what others think about a course
I use social media to tell others what I think about a course
I use social media to collaborate and ask questions with my peers about courses
I value the recommendations for courses from others that I see on social networks
I share my knowledge and ideas on social media to help others

11. Which of these social networking websites do you use (if any) for work or own learning? (Select all that apply)
For work-related learning For my own learning
e-Learning for Healthcare
Project tools (e.g. Slack, Trello, Basecamp)
ESR Learning Management System (NHS Learning Platform)
I do not use social networking sites for this purpose
Please note which other social networking sites you use (if applicable)
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